Quantum Technology

Quantum devices that exploit quantum superposition states for technology hold great promise for applications ranging from navigation, the definition of time and frequency standards, determining fundamental constants of nature, surface characterization and bio/chemical sensing. In particular, atomic sensors which exploit coherent matter waves are one of the frontier areas of quantum science technology already finding commercial applications, largely due to continuing improvements in the ways we create and control quantum coherence and miniaturization of components such as lasers, vapour cells and chip-based quantum devices.

The Exotic Quantum Matter group has a long standing activity in developing integrated devices for manipulating ultracold atoms (atom chips) and pioneered novel applications of small atomic ensembles as sensors for tiny gravitational gradients and mapping spatially varying magnetic and electric fields close to surfaces. While these applications are based on single particle coherence, the next generation of sensors will exploit collective properties of many-body quantum systems to reach the ultimate sensitivity allowed by quantum mechanics.

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